Puffed Rice Photo

Puffed Rice

Name's: Puffed rice, मुरमुरे, মুড়ি, منتفخ الأرز, arroz tufado, arroz inflado, Mudhi, muri, mi xiang, Mumra, Mamra, Kalle Puri, Puri, Mandalu,Chirumuri, kirtildek kurish, Gang-naeng-yi, воздушный рис, Parmal, Laee, Laiyaa, Riso soffiato, Bỏng gạo, Riz soufflé, Puffreis, Reiswaffel.

Usage: Puffed rice is used in snack foods and breakfast cereals, and is also a popular street food in some parts of the world. It is an ingredient of Bhel Puri, a popular Indian Chaat item. It is also used in temples and Gurdwaras as Prasad.

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