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         My self Saket Sisodia from India, I am CG Professional Sketch Artist, Painter, Matt Painter, Body Painter, Sculpture Artist, Photographer, Craft worker. I am always in search for ideas to shape my concept in to wonder full results. When people say “Wow..!” for my creations, it makes me really happy.

          Purpose of starting this blog: when I am creating some art work, on CG or other traditional media, I need some kind of fantasy ideas and visual references, obviously images are best way to serve it. But what kind of images or photos you need which makes your artwork unique? No one knows even you also don’t knows at first. Then gradually you cleared about your thought with a common question “where to get or download it? Is it is for free?” No need to worry this blog is answer for “You”. Whatever I just start this blog for artist those who need free images, stock photos and stuck at very first due to lack of money to purchase desired images. May be I serve you all in this stream. I will try my best for you all. If you need more, just contact me.

This blog is useful for Persons: Artist, Graphic Designer, Desktop Publisher, Painter, Matt Painter, 2D/3D Artist, Animators, Photographers, Flash Designer, Illustrator, Visualizer, Art Director, VFX Artist and many more can benefited by this blog.

11 Best Things about Photos of this blog 
1.   100% Free Photos for Commercial and Non Commercial use.
2.   Royalty-Free Stock Photos.
3.   Not Publish Before.
4.   Variety of Photo’s and Texture’s.
5.   Images are fresh and unique.  
6.   High Resolutions Textures and Photographs.  
7.   Useful for various kind of Artist’s.
8.   This blog is Multilingual.
9.   You may get Tips, Tricks and Ideas.
10  Share or Send link of this blog with your friends.
11. Easy to use.
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